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Which Type of Breast Lift Technique Would Work For You?

Is a Breast Lift Right for Me?

If you have been thinking about whether or not to get a breast lift, you aren't alone, as many women consider getting a breast lift for various reasons such as aging, pregnancy, weight loss, self-confidence, and genetics.

The question of "when" to get a breast lift procedure is less about a certain age and more about your life stage. Learn more about the factors to consider when contemplating a breast lift.

What Are the Basic Differences Between Breast Lifts, Augmentation, and Reduction?

Breast lifts and breast augmentations are often confused with each other in their results, as patients sometimes think one procedure will provide the benefits of the other. This confusion is sometimes also true between a breast lift and a breast reduction. Therefore, it is important to clarify the differences.

A breast lift removes excess skin by tightening the tissue, resulting in raised breasts and a better shape for sagging breasts. Breast augmentation enlarges the breast size, and breast reduction reduces the breast size, but neither of those procedures addresses sagging and droopiness on their own. However, you can combine a breast lift with either an augmentation or a reduction to lift the breasts into a more youthful position.

Ideally, ideal candidates for a breast lift procedure may have breasts that are larger than healthy for their bone structure - which impacts their quality of life, loss in volume and firmness, nipples that point downward, stretched skin, and enlarged areolas.

You can combine a breast lift with either an augmentation or a reduction to lift the breasts into a more youthful position.

What Do You Want to Address with a Breast Lift?

The following factors may be reasons to consider a breast lift:

Changes After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

After pregnancy or breastfeeding, your breast's shape and position can change. Opting for a breast lift can help restore the breast to a better appearance.

Experiencing Weight Changes

When you lose weight or experience weight fluctuations, your breast tissue can loosen and lead to sagging. A breast lift can help make your breasts more proportional and balanced.

Breast Asymmetry

Just as breasts can differ in size, time and gravity may also affect one breast more than the other. A breast lift procedure can address a symmetry issue related to one breast sagging more than the other breast. However, if the breast asymmetry you experience is more a question of volume than droopiness, then you may be better served with a breast augmentation in addition to a breast lift.

Learn More About Breast Lift Surgery

Are You a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

You must be open to sharing your medical history and beauty goals with your plastic surgeon to help determine if a breast lift would be the best option. To maintain optimal results, it is recommended to be done having children before getting a breast lift. You also need to be healthy enough to undergo plastic surgery, which includes being a nonsmoker and being mentally prepared for the changes plastic surgery can bring.

Which Type of Breast Lift Technique Would Work For You?

There are several types of breast lift techniques available, and each approach is better suited for certain goals. Common types include:

Crescent Lift

This technique is most suited if you have minimal sagging, as it will provide a subtle lift. A tiny incision is made around the upper half of the areola.

Vertical or Lollipop Lift

You might have guessed it, but the incision pattern of this method resembles that of a lollipop. This method is recommended for moderate to significant breast sagging.

Anchor or Inverted T Lift

This method is preferred for patients with significant breast sagging because it allows for a more extensive reshaping. The incision pattern starts around the areola, extends vertically downward, and then curves horizontally along the breasts' natural crease.

Book a Breast Lift Consultation

The right time to consider a breast lift is when it feels right for you (as long as you are an adult aged 18 years or older). The technique you ultimately go with will depend on factors such as your nipple position, breast size, and your desired goal. Reach out to our New Horizons team to guide you through the process.

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