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Lip Injections

A Deep Dive into Lip Injections for Plush, Natural-looking Lips

Full, soft lips help you look younger, sexier, and feel beautiful and more confident. If your lips have thinned due to age or you want to boost what you have, lip fillers and/or BOTOX® are a safe and affordable way to achieve fuller, stunning lips. The best lip injections can take years off your lips with one office visit, as results are often immediate.

Receive the Best Lip Injections with a Qualified Dermatologist

Pinnacle Dermatology offers a variety of lip injection treatments designed to restore lost volume, add contour and minimize wrinkles. Our board-certified injectors will discuss your goals and recommend the treatment that will provide optimal, natural-looking results.

Flip Your Lip

If you want fuller lips but aren’t ready for a lip filler, a lip flip may be for you. We inject a small amount of neuromodulator such as BOTOX® or Dysport® to relax the lip muscles, allowing your upper lip to turn upward and appear fuller. Results typically last between eight to twelve weeks. This popular lip augmentation treatment can be performed alone or combined with a dermal filler to boost your results.

Plump Up Lip Volume

As we age, lip collagen breaks down and hyaluronic acid production diminishes, causing lips to look deflated with visible lines. Hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar in our body, attracts water from surrounding tissues to make lips appear plumper and more hydrated. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® create instant volume when injected into the lips. Numerous lip fillers are available; we will recommend the best lip injections for you. Results last six to 18 months, depending on the filler and application.

Lose the Wrinkles and Get Lifted

Lines in the lips and around the mouth can be smoothed out via the hydrating and plumping action of lip fillers, providing a rejuvenated, younger appearance. Dermal filler can also be placed into the corners of your mouth to replace volume loss and support the lips into a more upturned, youthful shape.

Enhance Your Cupid’s Bow

We can create a beautiful, poutier effect by using a small amount of dermal filler to accentuate the two peaks or “cupid’s bow” midsection of your upper lip. Our providers can enhance this technique by placing a tiny amount of filler into the area above the upper lip to add additional lift and support.

Define the Lip Border

Lips lose pigmentation, definition, and support as we age, especially around the lip border. When we replenish the border with lip injection treatments, the entire lip can look fuller and more pronounced, creating a revitalized appearance.

Correct Natural Asymmetries

We can subtly correct an uneven smile or inconsistent fullness by placing filler only where needed instead of the entire lip, resulting in facial harmony.

Based on your anatomy and desired outcome, our expert lip injectors may combine several or ALL of these methods during a single treatment. Whether you’re dreaming of plush, glamorous lips or a more subtle and balanced look, dermal fillers and neuromodulators can be customized to meet your aesthetic goals.

Look younger in 30 minutes.

A lip enhancement treatment is performed in the office and usually requires 15 to 30 minutes. Before the injections, we apply a numbing cream to minimize pain. Certain lip fillers contain lidocaine for additional pain management.

Contact Pinnacle Dermatology for Beautiful Lips

If you’re interested in enhancing your lips with a lip injection treatment, schedule a consult with one of our board-certified injectors to discuss your questions, concerns, and goals. Your Pinnacle dermatologist will help you choose the optimal treatment to achieve a flawlessly natural and beautiful effect, leaving you with lips you love. Services vary by location.

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