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Facial Surgery Procedures in Skokie, IL
Get the Look You Desire

At New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we specialize in surgical solutions at our North Shore clinic. To achieve your ideal appearance you might consider a face or neck lift, forehead or brow lift, lip or eyelift. We offer a wide array of safe and effective procedures to beautify your face, including the following.


Safe and Effective Procedures to Beautify Your Face

Face or Neck Lift

This procedure can reduce signs of aging, depending on individual patients and their preoperative desires. A neck or facelift may involve more or less advanced approaches to improve an aging face’s appearance. Surgery may include a minimally invasive technique known as a mid-facelift to correct early aging signs or more complex techniques to lift the face and neck.

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Mid Face Lift-Minimal Scars

A minimally invasive lift for those who desire to slow down the aging process in their late 30’s through 50’s

Facial Reshaping and Complex Rejuvenation

This surgical option is a complex procedure utilizing a combination of facial cosmetic procedures to achieve a more appealing face shape and appearance. We can rejuvenate or beautify your face with a custom surgical plan for your goals.

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Buccal or Cheek Fat Removal

This procedure helps recontour and refine your face’s appearance. We can perform it under local anesthesia, meaning you won’t need to be asleep for it. The procedure involves removing fat through small incisions in your mouth to achieve a more chiseled appearance. If you have a “baby face” or develop enlarged fat independently from the rest of your face, cheek fat removal can help.

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Eyelid Lift

Also called blepharoplasty, eyelid lift surgery is a procedure that eliminates a baggy appearance under your eyes and removes your upper eyelids’ heaviness. If your eyes look tired with bags underneath from aging or genetics, this procedure may be an ideal solution.

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Neck Liposuction and Recontouring

Some patients may have fatty deposits under their skin, leading to a double chin appearance, and many of them find this look disconcerting. Neck liposuction can significantly improve your neck’s appearance, similar to weight loss with minimal recovery and no conspicuous scars. We often couple this procedure with tightening underlying muscles (platysmaplasty), resulting in a more dramatic neck contour improvement. Oral sedation and local anesthetic may be all you need for this procedure, so general anesthesia may not be necessary.

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Lip Lift

This option is excellent for patients who want a more permanent lip enhancement. Aging patients can especially find this small surgical procedure rewarding. Often as your age, your upper lip may elongate with a visible increase in length and loss of pout. We truly correct this issue for younger and older patients with a lip lift procedure.

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Chin Implant

Chin enlargement (mentoplasty) can correct a patient’s receding chin, providing a more attractive, vibrant look. Sometimes, it gives you a better facial profile balance, and surgeons frequently perform it simultaneously with rhinoplasty or nasal surgery.

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Ear Setback

Ear setbacks (otoplasty) are designed to correct protruding ears and ear asymmetry by surgically setting them back. This procedure is a suitable option for people of any age.

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Facial Fat Transfer

Aging can lead to volume loss in your facial tissues, and it’s one of the first signs of aging, leading to wrinkling, irregular shadows on your face, and deep hollowing. People often have this issue around their cheeks, eyes, and mouth, but it affects all parts of the face. A facial fat transfer can restore your facial volume and give you a more appealing appearance.


Forehead or Brow Lift

Surgeons designed this procedure to remove sagging eyebrows’ heaviness, reduce frown and forehead wrinkles, and elevate eyelids and brows. You get a more refreshed and less tired look. There isn’t really any age limit for candidates. Frown lines and wrinkles often start in your brow and forehead area. A brow lift can be a permanent solution by smoothing unwanted lines when combined with a rejuvenating brow lift.

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Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Dr. Turowski specializes in managing skin cancer, and our clinic offers treatment and reconstruction options. As the most common form of cancer, skin cancer affects around one in five Americans in their lifetime. Three relatively common skin cancer types include Melanoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and Basal Cell Carcinoma. The last two usually aren’t life-threatening, and we can treat them effectively using prompt intervention. We need to treat malignant Melanoma aggressively, and treatment can be very successful when an experienced specialist handles it.

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