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Experienced Breast Surgeon
Natural Looking Results

New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Skokie, IL offers female, male, or transgender patients various breast procedures to enhance or correct their breasts. Our selection of cosmetic breast surgery includes armpit endoscopic augmentation, reduction, lifting, reconstruction, and any many other options we describe below for your consideration.


Breast Augmentation No Scars – Actual Patient of Dr. Turowski**

Our Selection of Cosmetic Surgery Solutions

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Breast Augmentation Specializing in Armpit Endoscopic Incision (without scars)

Enhancing or enlarging the breasts is an art. The procedure might seem simple by cutting a large incision to place a breast implant, but it can leave a breast bump and conspicuous scar. We offer surgical procedures producing beautifully and naturally shaped breasts without visible scars. A patient’s choice in breast size is a personal decision, but it’s up to the surgeon to fulfill details like their shape, feel symmetry, and lack of visible scars.

Throughout his career, Dr. Turowski has successfully performed THOUSANDS of breast augmentations combining the armpit endoscopic technique with saline implants. One reason for this is that, until last year, silicone implants still presented some challenges. While saline implants are inserted as empty bags which are rolled and filled with saline after insertion into the woman’s body, silicone implants come pre-filled and have to be squeezed through a very small incision and a tunnel from the woman’s armpit to her breast pocket. Therefore, Dr. Turowski’s preferred incision for silicone implants used to be periareolar (still better than inframammary – under the breast scar).

Actual Patient of Dr. Turowski**

Breast Lift (mastopexy)

This procedure is also called a mastopexy, and it’s designed to elevate and shape drooping or sagging breasts resulting from natural aging, weight loss, pregnancy changes, or a congenital deformity. We can combine a breast lift with a small breast augmentation or reduction procedure.

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Female Breast Reduction

Breast reductions are designed to reduce breast size. Large breasts can cause neck or upper back pain, under-breast skin irritation, and shoulder grooving. Health insurance may cover most breast reduction procedures because of these factors. We use both “T” techniques and vertical “lollipop” type surgeries to reduce patients’ breasts, and each is an excellent method with its advantage and disadvantages. Choosing which technique we use depends on a patient’s breasts’ size and shape and her size change desires.

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Breast Reconstruction After Cancer Surgery

New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery’s physicians don’t just specialize in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Turowski is a fully trained plastic surgeon committed to providing patients post-mastectomy or -lumpectomy with the most advanced and comprehensive breast reconstruction. We understand that a breast cancer diagnosis often puts physical and emotional strain on patients and their families. Our clinic works in concert with your physicians to ensure the highest-quality care available with compassion. We can assure you our priorities align with your cancer doctors and you, and our top priority is to cure your cancer.

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Inverted Nipple Correction

Some women are born with one or two inverted nipples, or they develop this issue over time or because of breastfeeding. Functionality is rarely a problem, but inverted nipples can cause social anxiety and discomfort. New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery can correct inverted nipples during a procedure we perform under local anesthesia. This procedure doesn’t leave any conspicuous scarring, and patients can easily tolerate it with no downtime.

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Revision Breast Surgery

Dr. Turowski’s experience as a plastic surgeon includes frequent consulting from patients dissatisfied with their breast surgery results performed by other surgeons. Our surgeon can improve a patient’s breast appearance and resolve their problems in most cases.

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Correction of Breast Asymmetry

Most women have minor breast asymmetries that usually don’t cause concerns. These asymmetries are comparable to minor asymmetries in a face. However, some patients have significant asymmetries that cause a great deal of anxiety. We can correct these issues using various procedures, such as breast reduction, lift, or augmentation. We can only determine the optimal procedure for a specific patient through a personal consultation. Our plastic surgeons will discuss your individual case and goals.

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Male Breast Reduction

A man’s breast size may occasionally be larger than they desire. If your male breast appearance makes you self-conscious, we offer various procedures to correct this imperfection. Most procedures today correct the shape using ultrasonic liposuction. This advanced liposuction technique helps patients avoid scarring associated with surgical excisions. CoolSculpting is a new non-surgical option to correct gynecomastia. This off-label treatment has been successful for many patients. It freezes and destroys fat to shrink a patient’s gynecomastia.

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